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continuous composite servo

See CCS.


(1) (Common Channel Signaling) A communications system in which one channel is used for signaling and different channels are used for voice/data transmission. Signaling System 7 (SS7) is a CCS system, also known as CCS7. See SS7.

(2) (100 Call Seconds) A unit of measurement used in traffic and queuing theory calculations that is equal to 100 seconds of conversation. One hour of telephone traffic on one line is equal to 36 CCS, which is equal to one erlang (a more common measurement). CCS can also refer to "cumulative call seconds," which is a measurement of trunk occupancy. See Erlang.

(3) (Common Communications Support) SAA specifications for communications, which includes data streams (DCA, 3270), application services (DIA, DDM), session services (LU 6.2) and data links (X.25, Token Ring).

(4) (Common Command Set) The de facto instruction set between a SCSI-1 adapter and a hard disk.

(5) (Continuous Composite Servo) A technique for aligning the read/write head over a track in an optical disc by sensing special tracking grooves in the disk.

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