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dot pitch

The distance between a red (or green or blue) dot and the closest red (or green or blue) dot on a color monitor. Also known as "pixel pitch." The smaller the dot pitch, measured in fractions of millimeters, the crisper the image. For example, a .28 dot pitch means dots are 28/100ths of a millimeter apart. A dot pitch of .31 or less provides a sharp image, especially on text.

On CRTs, the dot pitch is typically from .28 to .51mm, while large presentation monitors may go up to 1mm. On LCD monitors, dot pitch is typically from .16 to .29mm. On microdisplay-based rear-projection TVs, the dot pitch may measure the microdisplay's pixels, not the pixels on the viewer's screen. Thus, an 8µm rear-projection dot pitch is not 30 times smaller than a .24mm (240µm) dot pitch on a CRT or flat panel display, because 8µm refers to the source pixel, while .24mm is the screen pixel (what you see). See rear-projection TV and slot pitch.

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