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dot-com company

An organization that offers its services exclusively on the Internet, either via the user's Web browser or a client program that must be installed in the user's computer., Yahoo, Google and eBay are examples of dot-com companies. Telecom companies that offer voice or video services over the Internet also fit into the dot-com company umbrella.

But, Doesn't All Software Access the Internet?
Today, almost all software accesses the Internet for some purpose, if only to look for updates that can be downloaded. However, that does not necessarily make the company a dot-com company. The software or service must be hosted on the company's computers and accessed by users over the Internet. See dot-com.


(1) A commercial Internet domain name that uses the dot-com (.com) suffix at the end of the address; for example, is the domain name of the publisher of this encyclopedia. Since dot-com domains were used by all major corporations, the Internet became known as the "dot-com" world. See Internet domain name, dot-com company, dot-com bubble, not-com and dot-con.

(2) The .com domain spelled out in an email address on a website to prevent a spambot from identifying it. For example, instead of "," the address is written as "alex at computerlanguage dot com." See spambot.

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