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electrostatic plotter

A plotter that uses an electrostatic method of printing. Liquid toner models use a positively charged toner that is attracted to paper which is negatively charged by passing by a line of electrodes (tiny wires or nibs). Models print in black and white or color, and some handle paper up to six feet wide. Newer electrostatic plotters are really large-format laser printers and focus light onto a charged drum using lasers or LEDs. See electrostatic.

Electrostatic Plotter
This early plotter from CalComp used a dry toner process like a laser printer. LEDs beamed light onto a charged plate and produced monochrome drawings at 400 dpi. (Image courtesy of CalComp, Inc.)


Stationary electrical charges in which no current flows. For example, laser printers and copy machines are electrostatic devices that place a positive charge of the image on a drum, and negatively charged toner is attracted onto the drum. The toner is then transferred to positively charged paper and fused to the paper by heat. See laser printer, electrostatic plotter, electrostatic printer and electrostatic speaker.

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