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excimer laser

A gas laser in which a very short electrical pulse excites a mixture containing a halogen such as fluorine and a rare gas such as argon or krypton. It produces a brief, intense pulse of ultraviolet light. The output of an excimer laser is used for writing patterns on semiconductor chips, because the short wavelength can write very fine lines. In fiber optics, it is used to write fiber Bragg gratings. See ultraviolet light.

ultraviolet light

An invisible band of radiation at the upper end of the visible light spectrum. With wavelengths from 10 to 400 nm, ultraviolet (UV) starts at the end of visible light and ends at the beginning of X-rays. The primary source of ultraviolet light is the sun, and most of the UV that reaches earth is in the lower-frequency, longer-wavelength Ultraviolet "A" region (see below).

Although ultraviolet (UV) light is widely known as a disinfectant, it is also used to erase EPROM chips. After several minutes of exposure to UV light, the chip can be programmed again (see EPROM).

                      Wavelength in
 Ultraviolet Region   Nanometers (nm)

 Long Wave "A"   UVA    315-400
 Medium Wave "B" UVB    280-315
 Short Wave "C"  UVC    100-280

 Near            NUV    300-400
 Middle          MUV    200-300
 Far             FUV    122-200
 Vacuum          VUV    10-200
 Extreme         EUV    10-121

 Deep            DUV    Below 300

Ultraviolet in the Spectrum
The ultraviolet band comes after visible light and ends at the beginning of X-rays.

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