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An excited state formed by the recombining of an electron and hole. After recombining, the excitons relax and give off light and heat. See PHOLED.


(PHosphorescent OLED) An OLED material that provides up to four times the efficiency of conventional fluorescent OLEDs. With its UniversalPHOLED brand of chemicals first commercially deployed in 2003, Universal Display Corporation (UDC), Trenton, NJ ( is the leader in phosphorescent OLED technology.

PHOLED is a small molecule, non-polymeric technology that consumes less power than LCDs. Combined with the intense colors of OLED, PHOLEDs are helping OLED become the dominant display technology of the 21st century. See OLED.

OLED Layers Using PHOLED
An OLED is a series of organic thin films sandwiched between two thin-film conductive electrodes, all deposited onto a substrate. When electricity is applied, charge carriers (holes and electrons) are injected from the anode and cathode into the PHOLED layer and recombine to form excitons, which cause photons to emit. (Image courtesy of Universal Display Corporation,

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