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feed drive

An optical drive that grabs the disc after it is partially inserted in the slot and pulls it onto the drive spindle. Also called a "slot drive" or "slot loading drive," all automobile CD/DVD players as well as the optical drives in Mac computers, flat panel all-in-ones and flat panel TV/DVD combos are feed drives.

Mini CDs/DVDs May Need Adapters
Although some work, many feed drives do not tolerate the smaller 80mm mini CDs and DVDs. However, the 80mm discs can be snapped into a 80-120mm adapter and then inserted into the slot. Contrast with tray drive and caddy drive. See custom-cut CD.

Apple's G4 Cube
In 2000, Apple was the first to use a feed drive in a computer. Feed drives are more convenient than tray drives, which have to be opened before the disc can be inserted. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

custom-cut CD

An audio CD or CD-ROM that is cut into a non-round shape after it is pressed by the manufacturer or recorded on a CD-R. To avoid vibration in the drive, the shape is balanced as much as possible. Audio CD drives spin their discs more slowly than CD-ROM drives and can tolerate more out-of-round designs. Custom-cut CDs hold considerably less music, video or data than a full-size disc. They fit in standard drive trays, but do not work with the feed drives that are used in automobiles. See business card CD and feed drive.

Custom-cut CDs
Audio CD drives spin slower than CD-ROM drives and can tolerate out-of-round discs such as the four at the top of this image. The snowflake at the bottom is a CD-ROM and is more symmetrical and balanced than the others in order to keep drive vibration to a minimum. (Image courtesy of Cutting Edge ShapeCD Inc.,

Discs Are Custom Cut
After the round disc is made, the final shape is created by cutting away the excess. Approximately eight discs are cut at one time. (Image courtesy of Cutting Edge ShapeCD Inc.,

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