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filters and pipes

External DOS/Windows commands that work together to change data in some manner. The filters are:

  FIND - Search for text
  SORT - Resequence text
  MORE - Pause after a screenful

The pipe symbol is the vertical bar "|" (press shift-backslash). The Find filter and pipe are useful together to locate files with common characters in their name. For example, to display all the files that have "ZIP" anywhere in their name, the following command pipes the output of the Dir command to the Find filter, which only lets through file names that contain "ZIP." See pipe.

  C:\>dir | find "ZIP"  command

  PKUNZIP   EXE         results


(1) Slang for "communications channel" (line, wire, fiber, etc.). See data pipe, fat pipe and thin pipe.

(2) The symbol for Boolean OR operations, which is the Shift-Backslash key on a computer keyboard. For example, to search for Dell or Toshiba laptops in Google, the pipe symbol can be used instead of upper case OR as follows:

       laptops (dell | toshiba)

       laptops (dell OR toshiba)

(3) The symbol for a shared space that accepts the output of one program for input into another. In Windows, DOS and Unix, the pipe command is a vertical line (|). For example, the DOS/Windows command dir | find directs the output of the directory list to the FIND filter. In Unix/Linux, the statement ls | wc directs the directory list output to the word count function to count the number of files. See ls and filters and pipes.

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