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(1) (noun) The structure of an item. Screen formats are the way the application's windows and data are presented for display. Report formats are the columns, headers and footers on a page. Record formats are the fields within a record.

File formats are how programs and data files are laid out. There are many different file formats in each data category, and each one has its own codes and rules for storing the content. See file format, graphics formats, record, extension, header, disk format and style sheet.

(2) (verb) To initialize a storage medium (hard disk, CD-RW, etc.) to hold data. See format program.

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forked versionFormat Painter
forking proxyformat program
forklift upgradeformat rot
formFormatted Objects
form factorformatted text
form feedformatting
Form MailFormMail
form spamforms software
form viewformula
formant informationformulary

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