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graphics port

(1) A socket on the back of a computer for connecting a monitor. See video port.

(2) Also called "GrafPort," it is a Macintosh graphics structure that defines all the characteristics of a graphics window.

video port

(1) Also called a "graphics port" or "VGA port," it is a socket on the back of a computer used to connect a monitor. On a PC, the standard video port is a 15-pin VGA connector for an analog monitor. DVI connectors are also used for direct digital output to flat panel displays. See VGA and DVI.

(2) A socket for standard video. See NTSC.

Video (VGA and DVI)
The two common sockets found on a PC for connecting a monitor are VGA and DVI. This NVIDIA-based card includes both. (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)

And More Video
This adapter connects to the NVIDIA card above and provides outputs for three analog video connections. The yellow socket is composite video, the green, red and blue are for component video (YPrPb), and the black is S-video. (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)

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