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green PC

An energy-saving PC. All modern computers, printers and monitors are greener than their predecessors. After a certain period of time, they switch into low-voltage modes or turn off, although these settings are often user definable. Laser printers especially waste a lot of energy when not in use, because of their heat-induced fusing mechanism.

Contemporary CPUs often run at variable clock rates and can idle at lower speeds to save electricity. When required, they ramp up to full power. See green.

The Green Ghost
Years back, this device was used to turn older laser printers off after a specified period of inactivity. As soon as the data reached the print spooler, the printer turned on and warmed up. (Image courtesy of Intelligent Computer Solutions.)


Energy efficient. Environmentally friendly. The term is applied to systems and products that save energy directly or indirectly. For example, capturing rainwater saves the energy required to pump the water from a well and also lessens flooding and other runoff problems.

Products that are built with recycled materials or are more compact, more energy efficient and less wasteful of materials in general than their previous models are often labeled green. The green concept includes using less packaging materials, recycling toner cartridges and providing a return location for used batteries. Switching from paper manuals to electronic manuals is also green. See .green, green PC, green datacenter and green building.

The Green PC Bag
In 2010, Sony packaged certain laptop models in its own carrying case with a light cardboard wrap-around, thus eliminating the heavier box that is typically thrown in the trash after being opened.

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