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(1) Slang for a nickname, pseudonym, alias or username. For example, a Twitter handle is how people identify themselves on Twitter. For decades, "CB handles" have been the short but unique identities truck drivers use over citizens' band radio (see CB radio).

(2) A temporary name or number assigned to a file, font or other object. For example, an operating system may assign a sequential number to each file that it opens as a way of identifying it.

(3) In computer graphics, a tiny, square block on an image that can be grabbed for reshaping.

Graphics Handles
The handles are the tiny (blue) squares that are displayed when you select an object.

CB radio

(Citizen's Band radio) The frequency band of 40 channels for public radio transmission in the 27 MHz range. CB radio uses the same frequencies for sending and receiving on each channel, which is why only one person can talk at the same time (half duplex transmission). With a range of approximately five miles, CB radios were popular with truck drivers in the 1970s and 1980s until mostly giving way to cellphones. See ISM band.

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