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(1) (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) A high-level protocol for requesting services from an Internet-based server. iCAP provides a common format for requesting services using standard HTTP messaging. It provides a remote procedure call (RPC) capability, allowing iCAP clients to invoke services on iCAP servers for a variety of services, including ad insertion, virus scanning and foreign language translation. iCAP is expected to provide the interoperability so that value-added services can "plug and play" on the Internet. For more information, visit the iCAP Forum at

(2) (Internet Calendar Access Protocol) A now-expired interface for group calendaring and scheduling over the Internet. Its vestiges are incorporated into the iCalendar standard from the IETF. See iCalendar.


A standard for group calendaring and scheduling from the IETF. It enables calendaring data to be transmitted and automatically entered into the recipient's schedule. In addition a request for a meeting with free and busy times might be sent, and the recipient's software could book the time automatically and send back the response.

Proposed as a standard to replace proprietary specifications such as in Outlook/Exchange, IBM Notes and Groupwise, iCalendar messages are files with an .ical, .ics, .ifb or icalendar extension.

The IETF Calendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification group, dubbed "calsify," works on interoperability between different scheduling systems.

The Successor to vCalendar
iCalendar superseded the vCalendar standard developed by Versit, then turned over to the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC) and later the IETF. It added more detail to vCalendar events and defined a protocol for transporting it.

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