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Information is the summarization of data. Technically, data are raw facts and figures that are processed into information, such as summaries and totals. But since information can also be the raw data for the next job or person, the two terms cannot be precisely defined, and both are used interchangeably.

It may be helpful to view information the way it is structured and used, namely: data, text, spreadsheets, pictures, voice and video. Data are discretely defined fields. Text is a collection of words. Spreadsheets are data in matrix (row and column) form. Pictures are lists of vectors or frames of bits. Voice is a continuous stream of sound waves. Video is a sequence of image frames. See universal server.

Information Structures
When information is stored electronically, it is structured according to the way it is used. Databases support all kinds of information.

Information Has "Meaning"
This excerpt from an R&R Report Writer ad exemplifies the idea that information is more usable for the manager than raw data. (Image courtesy of Concentric Data Systems, a subsidiary of Wall Data, Inc.)

universal server

(1) A relational database management system (RDBMS) that also supports a binary data field (BLOB) and any related processing that might be required for accessing the data. Also called an "object-relational DBMS" (ORDBMS). See RDBMS, BLOB and object database.

(2) (Universal Server) A universal server from Informix, now part of IBM. It supports DataBlades, which are plug-ins designed to manage a particular type of complex data. For example, an image DataBlade might allow a user to search for matching images.

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