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ingress protection rating

See IP Code.

IP Code

(International Protection Code) Also called "ingress protection rating," the IP code is a measurement of a product's resistance to solids and water. Starting with the "IP" prefix, the first digit rates solids and the second is for liquids. For example, an IP69K device is dust tight, and it resists high-pressure water.

First Digit - Solids Protection (0-6)
0 = none
1 = objects greater than 50 mm
2 = objects greater than 12.5 mm
3 = objects greater than 2.5 mm
4 = objects greater than 1 mm
5 = dust protected
6 = dust tight

Second Digit - Water Protection (0-9)
0 = none
1 = dripping vertically
2 = dripping at an angle
3 = spraying
4 = splashing
5 = jets using 6.3 mm nozzles
6 = powerful jets using 12.5 mm nozzles
6K = powerful jets using 6.3 mm nozzles
7 = immersion up to 1 m
8 = immersion greater than 1 m
9K = high power jets and high temperature

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