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intuitive software

Application programs that have a friendly interface and are easy to use. The most common functions are presented in one menu rather than buried in multiple menus with rigid hierarchies that make sense only to the programmer who coded the program. In other words, software that is not all that common! See user friendly.

user friendly

A system that is easy to learn and easy to use. In the past, this term was so abused that software vendors have become reluctant to use it today. Except for mobile phone applications, which due to their tiny screens forces developers to design the user interface with a bit more thought, a great amount of desktop software is downright "user hostile." It is the rarest of desktop applications that can be used by someone immediately who has never worked with a similar program. See user interface.

A Century of Experience Didn't Help
One would think a home theater receiver would be user friendly. Hardly. With nearly 100 years of audio experience between them, Alan Freedman, author of this encyclopedia (right), and his colleague Pete Hermsen, who built his own radio at age eight, struggled in vain to balance the speakers on Freedman's new receiver. The manual was worthless (see RTFM).

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intranet serverinumber
intranet toasterInvalid directory
IntranetWareInvalid drive specification
IntranetWare for Small BusinessInvalid file name or file not found
intrinsic safetyInvalid media type
intruderinvalid page fault
intrusioninvalid parameter
intrusion blockinginverse addressing
intrusion detectioninverse kinematics
intrusion preventioninverse multiplexor

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