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ion deposition

A printing technology used in high-speed page printers. It is similar to laser printing, except instead of using light to create a charged image on a drum, it uses a printhead that deposits positive ions. After negatively charged toner is attracted to the positive ions, the paper is pressed directly against the drum fusing toner to paper. Ion deposition quality approaches that of a laser printer; however, the ink has not been embedded as deeply, and the paper can smear more easily. See ion.


(1) (IDL On the Net) See IDL.

(2) (ION) An NVIDIA graphics platform typically used in Atom-based netbooks. See Intel Atom.

(3) An atom with fewer or greater electrons than normal as a result of a chemical reaction in the material. A positive ion, called a "cation" (pronounced "cat-eye-en"), is an atom that has one or more electrons stripped out, which means it has fewer electrons in its electron shells than it has protons in its nucleus. A negative ion, called an "anion" (pronounced "an-eye-en") is an atom that has one or more electrons forcibly added.

Batteries Contain Positive and Negative Ions
In a battery, there are positive ions on one side and negative ions on the other. When a conductor is placed in between to complete the circuit, the electrons flow from the negative ions to the positive side where they join the positive ions. See ion deposition.

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