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The link embedded in a Web page that when clicked launches the user's email program. See URI scheme.

URI scheme

An application-level protocol used to obtain resources on the Internet. Following are some of the common URI schemes, all of which ride over TCP/IP. See URI and URL.


 Prefix   To gain access to

 http:    Web server
 https:   secure Web server
 ftp:     file server
 im:      instant messaging
 itms:    iTunes streaming

 news:    Usenet newsgroups
 nntp:    Usenet newsgroups

 mailto:  send email (SMTP)
 imap:    IMAP mailbox
 pop:     POP mailbox

 sip:     voice over IP (VoIP)
 sips:    secure VoIP
 h323:    H.323 videoconference

 ldap:    directory request
 telnet:  run program

 nfs:     network file system
 wais:    WAIS server
 gopher:  Gopher server

 file:    local file on host

Personal Use Only

Before/After Your Search Term
mail stormmain board
mail systemmain distribution frame
mail to faxmain event loop
mail trackermain frame
mail virusmain line
mailbotmain loop
mailboxmain memory
mailermain menu
mailer-daemonmain processor
mailing listmain storage

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