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mouse over

(1) To move the mouse pointer over an object on screen such as an icon, hyperlink or menu and hold it there. If the pointer hovers over a link, the pointer changes its shape to alert the user. See definition #2 below and hypertext.

(2) (mouseover) A JavaScript instruction that tests the current position of the mouse. It is used to change the appearance of a button that has been selected. Two buttons are created by the developer: one in the normal state; the other altered to alert the user that it has been selected. In the early days of personal computers, it used to simulate the depression of a physical button but has since evolved to mostly a color change. The JavaScript statement that starts with the code "on mouseover" displays the altered image. See button.


(1) A small, marked area on an electronic device that is physically pressed down to activate a function. The button may stand out from its base so that it can be located by feel, or it can be level with its base such as the left and right buttons on most mice.

(2) An icon on screen that is "pressed" by clicking it with the mouse or, if a touchscreen, tapping it with a finger.

Simulating a Physical Depression
In the early days of personal computers, on-screen buttons were often made to look like physical buttons by simulating their physical depression when clicked with the mouse. While the mouse button was held down, the software swapped the original button image (left) with a depressed version (right). See mouse over.

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