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navigable database

(Data West Research Agency definition: see GIS glossary.) The database designed and prepared for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems to support such systems for "smart cars" and "smart highways." These databases contain first the geometry element layer of the roadway that contains links, nodes, shape points, relative elevations, and connectivity. The second navigation element layer contains physical and logical classification of the roadway environment, directionality, dividers, barriers, turn restrictions, freeway exit numbers, and exact freeway sign text speed limits, and others. Additional element layers include points-of-interest, path, geopolitical, cartography, geocoding, and special commercial/business listings.

GIS glossary

The GIS terms under the entries GIS glossary: a-g and GIS glossary: h-t are condensed and reproduced with permission from "A Practitioner's Guide to GIS Terminology" by Stearns J. Wood. Compiled over 30 years and first published in 1984, the book contains more than 10,000 terms embracing all aspects of geoprocessing and geoanalysis, spatial and network analysis, resource management, facilities management, automated mapping, computer-aided design and drafting, database management systems, open systems connectivity and geographic information system computer technology. Selected terms from geography, cartography, computer science, urban and regional information systems, remote sensing and GPS are also included. See GIS glossary: a-g and GIS glossary: h-t.

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