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A program that scrambles source code in order to make the program difficult to understand or reverse engineer. Because it is an interpreted language that is run from the original source code, scripting languages such as JavaScript are open to public inspection. Without being obfuscated (made unclear), the source code can be easily copied and modified for other purposes.

Obfuscation Techniques
The most common obfuscation techique is to change variable and function names to long nonsense words; for example, from TaxRoutine to 87n39y7_9yjn13, or worse yet a 15-digit binary number. That combined with removing all comments makes a program undecipherable. Eliminating all unnecessary line breaks also jumbles up the works, and there are other tricks of the trade.

Obfuscators for machine code are also available. See email obfuscator.

email obfuscator

A software routine that makes email addresses on Web pages difficult to decipher for spambots. The obfuscator converts the text of the address into HTML codes that are typically not recognized by the spambot. However, the text renders properly on screen and is correctly handled by the email client that sends the message.

Although the code would confuse most bots attempting to capture addresses, a sophisticated spambot could, in fact, decode the HTML and obtain the real address. In the following example, is concealed by obfuscating most of the characters in the address and leaving the rest alone. See spambot.  is converted to:

   Conversion Details
   Text   HTML or Text

   s      s
   a      a
   m      m
   @      @
   s      s
   a      a
   m      m
   .      .
   c      c
   o      o
   m      m

   Look up ASCII chart for character codes.

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