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piggyback board

A small printed circuit board that plugs into another circuit board in order to enhance its capabilities. It does not plug into the motherboard, but would plug into the boards that plug into the motherboard. See piggybacking.


(1) Gaining access to a restricted communications channel by using the session another user already established. Piggybacking can be defeated by logging out before walking away from a workstation or terminal or by initiating a screensaver that requires re-authentication when resuming.

Piggybacking also refers to someone allowing another person to follow right after them into a restricted area. Also known as "tailgating," this may be done on purpose by a disgruntled employee or just out of carelessness. See replay attack, hijacking and cryptojacking.

(2) Using a Wi-Fi hotspot of neighbors who have not secured their network. See Wi-Fi piggybacking and Wi-Fi hotspot.

(3) Embedding the names of popular brands or companies into the hidden meta-data of a Web page in order to rank high up on a search engine's results page. See meta tag.

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