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read and write iPad flash drive

See iPad flash drive.

iPad flash drive

A USB flash drive that plugs into an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via the Apple dock connector (Apple devices do not have USB ports). The iPad flash drive has a USB plug on one end and an Apple dock connector on the other. In 2013, Hammacher Schlemmer introduced "The Only Read and Write iPad Flash Drive." Products from other vendors followed.

Photos, movies, music and documents are stored on the drive from the user's computer via USB, which is then plugged into the iOS device for transfer or playback using a proprietary app.

Flash Drive Adapters
Adapter cables with USB at one end and an Apple dock connector at the other allow iOS devices to connect to USB drives. They allow for the transfer of data from flash drives, as well as from flash cards in readers or in the camera using a proprietary app in the mobile device. See USB drive and Apple dock connector.

The iStick
With storage from 8 to 128GB, the iStick provides data transfer and playback from computer to iDevices with Lightning connectors. Moving the slider reveals either the USB (top) or Lightning plug (bottom). (Image courtesy of Sanho Corporation.)

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