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The URL of the Web page a request is coming from. When you click on a link to go to another page, or when the Web page itself calls for an image to be displayed, the browser sends the URL of the current Web page along with the request.

On a search site, in addition to the URL, the text you are searching for is often sent to an advertising agency that sends back a tailored banner ad or just collects demographics. Most ad blocker programs can eliminate referrer data. See ad blocker.

Blocking Referrer Data
InterMute, Inc.'s interMute program ( was an example of a utility that could keep referrer data from being transmitted.

ad blocker

Software that eliminates advertising and other annoyances from Web pages. It detects banner ads by size (typically 60 pixels high) and by the URLs of major advertising sites where the images come from. Such utilities may also be able to eliminate cookies, referrers and animated GIFs, which are time consuming to download. See cookie, referrer, popup blocker and animated GIF.

Blocking Annoyances
The options panel from this earlier interMute utility shows the types of annoyances that could be eliminated from downloaded Web pages. The program acted as an intermediary between the user's browser and the Web. Trend Micro ( later acquired interMute.

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