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(1) To load a program from disk into memory once again in order to run it. Every time users launch an application, they are reloading it.

Contrast with "re-install." Re-install means performing the installation procedure over again from a CD or the Web. Reloading is common when the program crashes. Re-installing is much less common but necessary if program files have become unreadable due to damaged sectors on the disk or because files were accidentally erased or corrupted. This can also happen due to program error, in which the program erroneously writes incorrect data to some of its own configuration files.

(2) To download the Web page on screen once again to see if it has changed since the last time it was downloaded. See refresh.


(1) To continuously charge a device that cannot hold its content. Dynamic RAM memory chips require refreshing to maintain their charged bit patterns (see dynamic RAM). CRTs must be refreshed, because the phosphors hold their glow for only a few milliseconds. See vertical scan frequency and redraw.

(2) To download again (reload) the same Web page currently on screen in case it changed at the server side since it was last downloaded. All Internet browsers have a button for this function, and many Web pages automatically refresh without user intervention. See reload.

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