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(1) See technology singularity.

(2) (Singularity) An experimental operating system from Microsoft for the x86 platform written almost entirely in C#, a .NET managed code language. Released in 2007, Singularity is a non-Windows research project.

Like Windows, there is only one address space, but for security and crash protection, it runs each OS or application process in an environment called a "software-isolated process" (SIP). Unlike other OS architectures, SIPs and the interprocess communications between them are analyzed for compliance at compile time. In addition, when a program is installed, it must include a manifest of its actions that comply with certain rules. For more information, visit

technology singularity

The term "singularity" is used in many disciplines to refer to the occurrence of a major event. From a technology perspective, it refers to a point in the future where computers advance so much that people no longer are the source of great invention. At that point, machines will be responsible for creating the most important, new breakthroughs with minimal, or without, human input.

The concept has been touted by technology theorists for decades but was brought to the forefront in Ray Kurzweil's best selling book "The Singularity Is Near" in 2005. See AI, singularitarian and technology imperative.

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