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(SPY CAMera) A still or video camera that is hidden in a radio, clock or similar device, or one that is built into a very visible object such as a cigarette lighter, package of chewing gum or ball point pen, the latter called a "pencam." See Webcam.

The PenCorder 8GB
With 8GB of flash memory, this pen camera records about two hours of 640x480 video in the AVI format on a single charge. The camera lens is a tiny dot above the pocket clip that blends into the background. To upload the data to the computer, the top of the pen is removed to reveal a USB plug. (Image courtesy of Productive Electronics, LLC,


(WEB CAMera) A front-facing video camera that attaches to a computer typically via USB or that is built into a laptop or desktop screen. It is widely used for Skype and other video calling software as well as to continuously monitor an activity and send it to a Web server for public or private viewing. Webcams purchased as separate peripherals generally have a microphone built into the unit, or an external mike comes in the package.

Webcams Vs. Network Cameras
A Webcam attaches to, or is built into, the computer, whereas a "network camera" is a stand-alone unit that connects to an Ethernet network. While the Webcam is commonly used for videophoning with another user, network cameras are used to monitor locations such as stores and offices (see network camera). See Webcamming, Webcam blocker, lifecasting and spycam.

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