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thermal recalibration

The periodic sensing of the temperature in hard disk drives in order to make minor adjustments to the alignment of the read/write heads. In an AV drive, this process is performed only in idle periods so that there is no interruption in reading and writing long streams of data. See AV drive.

AV drive

(Audio Video drive) In the late 1990s, an AV drive was a hard drive optimized for audio and video applications, which required long, sustained transfers of music and video tracks. AV drives were designed to postpone thermal recalibration so that writing to the disk would not be interrupted while periodic recalibration took place. Today, hard drives use servo calibration to monitor head alignment and have large memory buffers, which together adequately support real-time audio and video transfer.

SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0)
Because of the much higher transfer rate of SuperSpeed USB, drives that use the USB 3.0 interface are sometimes touted as AV drives (see USB 3.0). See underrun and thermal recalibration.

An AV Drive
Inside or out, an AV drive looks much like any other hard drive. (Image courtesy of Western Digital Corporation.)

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