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virtual home button

A home button on a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device that is an icon on the touchscreen. Tapping the home button displays the start screen. Contrast with a "physical home button," which is hardware and must be depressed. See home button.

Physical and Virtual
An iPhone has a physical home button but can also display a series of virtual buttons as one of its accessibility functions. These six white icons are displayed by tapping a single button that always remains on screen when the virtual feature is activated.

home button

(1) A button on a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device that takes the user to the start screen (home screen). The button may be physical hardware or displayed on the touchscreen ("virtual" home button). See home screen and virtual home button.

(2) An icon on a Web page that takes the user to the starting point of the site. The tradition for websites has been to make the company's logo at the top of the page also function as a home button, but it is not always followed. In many applications, a home button icon is also used to go to the starting point. See home page.

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