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voice recorder

A digital, handheld device that is used to record short reminders. Very lightweight and typically using AAA batteries, such devices use flash memory to hold up to 100 messages and more. Messages can be retrieved sequentially or by direct access by message number. See microcassette.

Voice Recorders
There are myriad digital voice recorders on the market. Weighing only a couple of ounces, recorders are available that hold 100 messages and more.


A smaller version of the analog audio cassette. Introduced in 1969 by Olympus, microcassettes were widely used for recording dictation and messages in a pocket-sized device. Because the recording speed is slower and the tape is thinner than an audio cassette, a tiny microcassette can hold 30 minutes per side. A dictation feature of many devices was variable playback speed.

Microcassettes were also used to record messages in some telephone answering machines; however, in the 1990s, tape-based recorders of all kinds evolved into solid state devices. See voice recorder, audio cassette and cassette.

Microcassette and Recorder
The red and white microcassette is resting on an audio cassette for size comparison. Both use 1/8" wide tape, but the tape is thinner in the microcassette. Microcassette recorders are small enough to slip into a shirt pocket.

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