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voluntary botnet

A large number of computers that are purposely allowed by their owners to contribute to bringing down a website. While most botnets use compromised computers without their owners' knowledge, users in a voluntary botnet allow their computers to be taken over to increase the traffic that overloads the Web servers. See botnet.


(roBOT NETwork) Also called a "zombie army," a botnet is a large number of compromised computers that are used to generate spam, relay viruses or flood a network or Web server with excessive requests to cause it to fail (see denial of service attack). The computer is compromised via a Trojan that often works by opening an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel that waits for commands from the person in control of the botnet. There is a thriving botnet business selling lists of compromised computers to hackers and spammers. See voluntary botnet, botcloud, spambot, zombie and spam 2.0.

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