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wireless home phone

Using a cellular carrier to provide service to regular phones in the home. A small base station is placed in the best location in the home to receive cellular signals, and an ordinary analog phone is plugged into the RJ-11 telephone jack. Very often, a cordless phone base station is connected so that multiple handsets may be used throughout the house. See multihandset cordless.

A Wireless Home Phone
The AT&T base station (left) picks up digital cellular signals and converts them to analog for any standard analog phone, and vice versa. The base station also generates a dial tone.

multihandset cordless

A cordless phone that supports several handsets with only one base station. The advantage of such units is that the additional handsets can be more conveniently located as they require only power to charge the handset battery and not a phone line. See DECT and cordless phone.

In the Kitchen
The base station must be connected to the telephone line, but the handsets need only power for charging. AC outlets are widely available throughout a house, such as in this kitchen.

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